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Changing Dishwasher to Meaty

We just bought a new dishwasher and used it once for milk. Now we decided it would be best as meaty. Can we switch it? There were ben yomo milky frying pan and pot only used for parve that day.


One can be lenient in this matter, and change it to use for meaty dishes.


The question of the consecutive use of a dishwasher for meaty and dairy dishes is discussed broadly by poskim (see Iggros Moshe, Yoreh De’ah 3:11 and 2:28, and see Techumin 11 (Rav Yisrael Rosen)), and although there is room for leniency (though the racks must be changed), the common custom is to use a dishwasher for either meaty or dairy.

In this case, however, the desire is to use the dishwasher for meaty alone, and the question is whether the dishwasher has already become ‘dairy.’

Because of the different reasons for leniency (the dishwasher might not be a keli rishon; the dishes are dirty; the detergent makes the ta’am pagum), because you have waited more than 24 hours since its previous use, and because it appears from the question that there was not actual dairy food residue in the pan, one can be lenient to use it from now on for meaty dishes.

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