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Hair Cutting Machine Broke

I borrowed a friends hair cutting machine to trim my beard. I started using it and realized it wasn’t cutting properly. I returned it to him confused as to why it wouldn’t work. He looked at it and said the blade was cracked and not connected inside. He has had the machine for over two years without incident. I feel real bad about it but not sure if I am Halachikly obligated to pay. He is positive that it was in perfect condition when I got it. I’m not so sure because it didn’t cut properly at all from the moment I turned it on. Please let me know what the Halacha is.


You are not obligated to pay for the damage.

If you didn’t drop the machine, or possibly caused damage by some other means, you have the right to claim that the machine was already broken before you borrowed it.

Alternatively, it is possible that the machine broke while you were using it, but you would be exempt even in this case, for it is considered meisa machmas melachah, for which a borrower is not liable.

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