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Mixed up Onion Spoons

K’vod haRav,

I have a question that seems similar to :

Onions were cut with a pareve knife. Oil was put in a meaty non-ben-yomo pan and a milky non-ben-yomo pan and both were heated up above yad soledes. About a cup of the cut onions was put in each pan to fry. After a few minutes of frying (not sure, maybe 2-5 minutes? and not sure if the onions reached yad soledes or reached fried status yet) the onions were stirred with the correct non-ben-yomo spoon (meaty spoon in meaty pan, milky spoon in milky pan) and the spoons were removed from the pans after stirring. After about 30 minutes, the onions were stirred with the wrong spoon (meaty spoon in milky pan, milky spoon in meaty pan). Do the pans need kashering?

This seems slightly different from the question of the non-ben-yomo milky knife and meaty onions, since in my case I think the milky spoon would have a ben-yomo milky taste from the onions in the milky pan (assuming the onions reached yad soledes before they reached fried status, and were thus still charif when they first touched the milky spoon), and would this taste transfer from the milky spoon through the onions and into the meaty pan?

Thank you.


Onions that are fried in a milky pan are milky, and onions fried in a meaty pan are meaty.

However, according to many authorities the taste absorbed by a sharp food (suc as onions) from a non-ben-yomo utensil is “weak,” and does not have the power to transfer into another utensil. Therefore, the spoons that were used for stirring do not become meaty or milky on a ben-yomo level, and they do not cause an issur when coming into contact with the milky/meaty onions.

For some sources on this matter, please see here, and this is also the opinion of the Beis Meir, and others.

Therefore, everything is fine.

Best wishes.

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