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Giving Charity Against Will

I think I understand the concept you described based on the gemara in BK about the recipient being unworthy. But is there a similar concept that is true about a recipient who IS worthy but doesn’t WANT to receive (and the giver insists on giving anyway)? Thus, he is trying to force this “good deed” on a recipient who is not interested…


Even if a person does not want to receive charity, there remains a mitzvah to give him charity, provided of course that he is needy.

The Gemara in Kesubos (67) discusses a poor person who does not want to receive charity, and advises offering him the money as a loan, and eventually ensuring that he receives it as charity.

The same will apply to other means of ensuring that the poor person will receive charity.

However, one cannot “force” charity upon a person who refuses to receive it, and if he is adamant and there is no way round him, of course he can’t and shouldn’t be forced into something he doesn’t want.


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