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Mixed Pots in Dishwasher

Three pots were cooking on top of one stove together. Two were meat pots and the third was a dairy pot. All three were NOT ben yomo and only parve foods were being cooked at the time. After, all three were washed together in a dishwasher that is only used for meat dishes. When the three pots were placed in the dishwasher, the dishwasher was clean. The milk pot was a teflon coated pot.

What is the status of the pots? Since the water in the dishwasher is extremely hot is this like hagala and since all three pots were not ben yomo and only used for parve at the time we can say that the pots are still kosher? Do I need to do hagala on the dairy pot again in order to make it dairy again? What about the two meat pots?

Please send sources.

Thank you.


There is no problem with any of the dishes.

Because the pots were clean of actual meat or milk, there is no concern of the taste of meat mixing with the dairy dishes, and vice versa.

Even if the pots are dirty, there is a dispute among poskim (the Rema and the Shach) concerning the power of iruy keli rishon to spread taste; there is also the issue of detergent added to the dishwasher, making everything pagum.

If the pots are clean, however, there is no concern.

See Iggros Moshe, Yoreh De’ah Vol. 2 no. 28-29.

Best wishes, and sorry about the delay in answering this question.

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