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Sources for Kiddush Bemakom Seudah

I just received an answer from you regarding why chazal mandated a meal to accompany kiddush in order to halachically fulfill the mitzvah of kiddush. I looked up the sources you quoted. The verse “You shall call the Shabbat an oneg” I can’t find on Pesachim 101a and I’m not surewhich Tosafot being referred to. Could you please clarify a) where the actual verse is found in Tanach, b) the gemara page c) specifically which Tosafot?

This would be very helpful.
Thank you and Hanukkah Samayach.


The Tosafos is in Pesachim 101a, s.v. af yedei kiddush, and also in the Rosh (Pesachim 10:5).

The verse is in Yeshayahu 58:13.

The derashah is not mentioned by the Gemara.

Best wishes.

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