Hi, i recently found out that i have what is called “Penile Skin Bridges”; it does not affect me in Any way; my concern is whether or not This present a problem to my brit milah so I have to check with a mohel. Thanks


This does not appear to be a problem.

The problem of skin bridges is common among circumcised people, and doesn’t generally pose any halachic problem.

In fact, the very condition of “mashuch be-orlaso” is unclear (meaning, how is the reversal of milah achieved), and where the periah is performed properly (and there is therefore no surplus skin) it is very difficult to achieve it.

However, there are cases in which the original brit was not performed 100% properly, and therefore some parts of the foreskin remains covered; this can also be related to the condition you mention.

If you wish to consult with an expert mohel, you can be in touch with R’ Binyamin Huta, at ++972 50 419 3452.

Best wishes.

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4 Responses to “Skin Bridges for Bris Milah”

  1. You write:
    “The problem of skin bridges is common among circumcised people”.

    I believe that this is incorrect. While it may be true that penile skin tags most commonly occur as a consequence of an improperly healed circumcision (the raw remnant where the foreskin was cut attaches to the raw surface of the glans and heals that way); the actual condition remains quite uncommon among those circumcised by skilled mohalim, since the incision is specially bandaged in a way designed to prevent this from happening.

    You write:
    “in which the original brit was not performed 100% properly, and therefore some parts of the *foreskin* remains covered”.

    I believe that it should state:
    “some parts of the *glans* remain covered.

    “and therefore some parts of the foreskin remain, covering the glans”.

    • You are right of course about the mistake at the end, and it should say “glans.”
      I thank you for the comment, too — I am not expert on the matter, and wrote after consultation. Perhaps “not uncommon” is more accurate that “common.”

  2. Along with proper bandaging, a simple technique to prevent skin bridges from developing, is to put a bit of oil on the glans at each diaper change, until the incision heals. The oil prevents the raw remnant of the incision from attaching itself to the raw surface of the glans.

  3. I must disagree this with in strongest terms, every question of tzizin must be looked at by a mohel which is an expert in adult brises and can pasken these questions, this is one area of halacha that needs someone competent in halacha and the reality of bris mila, sometimes it looks he is an arel and he is fine and sometimes he looks mahul and is an arel

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