I rent my apartment from my landlord and recently found a slight crack along the entire lenght of my bathroom sink made out of cheres. I am not sure if the crack happened due to my son playing around the sink or due to a metal washing cup falling in the sink or due to a previous tenants actions, or due to normal daily usage. The crack is slowly getting worse and will probably eventually break the cheres sink in half. In a case of safek damage, who is responsible? If I move from my apartment before the sink breaks, am I obligated to inform my landlord of my safek damage even before the sink is not usable? He probably won’t realize the slight crack in the sink unless I point it out to him.

2) When the Rav gets a chance, can he respond to my comment below:

Returning Pot after Food Taken Out

kol tuv


According to dinei nezikin (tort law) you are not liable to pay for fixing the crack, because its source is not clear.

However, if there is a clause in the contract that obligates you to return the apartment to the landlord as you found it, you might be obligated to repair it.

Either way, if the crack is getting worse you should certainly inform the landlord as soon as possible, because if left untreated the worsening situation will ultimately cause him a greater loss (the obligation to inform him will therefore come under the category of hashavas aveida).

I have addressed the comment, and also pointed it out in the original reply.

Best wishes once again and kind regards.

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