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Lashon Hara for Shidduch

I have a question about lashon harah and shidduchim. Someone is asking me to tell her about a fellow. He is someone I was supposed to go out with, but he never showed up on our date,without any excuse. In other words he wasn’t ¬†very mentchlich. Later, he told the person who set us up that he has “issues with women.” What am I allowed to / supposed to tell this person who is asking about him?


You should tell the story as it happened, without adding any further information or interpretation.

Of course, you should have in mind the positive purpose of helping out your friend in deciding whether to go out with him or not.

The “issues with women” statement is a little odd — at the end of the day it seems that he is looking to go out with women, and because you didn’t hear this yourself, and it is hard to know the precise context, you don’t have to bring it up.

For more information on this topic, please see here.

Best wishes.


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