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Borei Nefashos for Bread

I washed and ate bread and then absent-mindedly said the bracha nefashot afterwards? Should I now also say Birkat Hamazon and what is status of the bracha nefashot?
Thank you.


You remain obligated to say Birkas Hamazon, and the Borei Nefashot does not help for this (and is a berachah levatalah).

The berachah of shehakol helps bedieved for all foods, but the berachah of borei nefashos does not.

Best wishes.

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  1. What if one said birkas meein shalosh after bread? Is one yotzai?

    1. while biblically one may be yotzai, rabinically one is still obligated to sat birkat hamazon

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