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Hospital Job

This is an ethical dilemma that came, and I was wondering what would be the correct thing to do. You work at a hospital and you have a co-worker. You notice that the co-worker has been drinking several times on the job. You are concerned for the health of those around him, and for himself. However, you know that this co-worker has a family to support. Do you tell your boss about it, knowing he will most likely lose his job, and his family could suffer? Or do you ignore the problem?

Thank you.


If the co-worker is not performing his job properly, which of course is liable to cause others harm, you should warn him that the boss has noted his drinking on the job, and won’t tolerate it much longer, so that he should get treatment or stop doing it at once.

If the worker continues to drink and is unable to deal with the situation, you should tell the boss. Although the effect on the family is regretful, you have a responsibility to your place of work, and the job — in particularly in a hospital — must be done.

Best wishes.

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