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Slaughter of Chayah and Beheimah

In Yoreh Deah Siman 23 we find the laws of “shehiyah”. There are differences in this halacha between a behama and an oif (See Sif 1 and Simleh Chadasha.) What about a “chayah”?

Is the shiur shehiya different for a chayah? Are it’s dinim the same as a behamah or the same as an oif (or perhaps different altogether?)

We are machmir l’maseh even a small shiur of shehiyah. But I’m asking if there is a shiur by chayah like there is by a behamah or oif.


I understand that the halachos of a chayah are parallel to a beheimah, and not to an oif.

The reason for this is that a chayah is built like a beheimah, and not like an oif.

There is doubt, for instance, about whether a kevi is a chayah or beheimah; this will not apparently affect the halachos of how the animal is shechted.

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  1. Is there any makor for this? Surely the poskim have discussed (or maybe not?)

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