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Buying Action Figure (Doll)

Is it okay to buy a action figure (which is a children’s toy in the likeness of a person/character)? I am concerning about having a statue in the likeness of a person. But, I see many children playing with it. Please advise.


The common custom is to be lenient in this matter.


The Shevet Ha-Levi is stringent concerning purchasing dolls (based on Yoreh De’ah 141).

However, many authorities are lenient, because the doll is clearly a children’s toy, and not something that any self-respecting idolater will worship. This is parallel to the halachah of keilim mevuzim, which are permitted even when they have a tzurah on them, because they are certainly not intended for idolatry.

The common custom is therefore to be lenient in this matter.

However, if somebody has such dolls in his possession, he must be careful not to “fix” them if they break, for this can be involve a severe prohibition.

For further sources see: Shut Oznei Yehoshua (1:13); Yabia Omer (3: Yoreh De’ah 8); Yecheveh Da’as (3:64).

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