Can one kasher aluminum made with diamonds (Swiss Diamond), i.e. does it have the status of “even” (a stone)?
Here is a description:
Diamond crystals are the hardest material known to man. Incorporate them into cookware and you have the revolutionary Swiss Diamond. As the winner of the coveted international Gold Metal Inventors Award, Swiss Diamond have designed a range of cookware that have an indestructible, non-stick cooking surface and are crack, blister and peel resistant.

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Chag Kosher v’Sameach


Diamonds will apparently have the status of a keli-even, and therefore hag’alah helps as with stone utensils (Shulchan Aruch 451:8).

I don’t see any reason why the halachah of diamonds should be more stringent. Diamonds are not more absorptive than stone (the opposite is true), and therefore they surely won’t have the status of a keli cheres that can’t be kashered.

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