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Background Music as Therapy

It is very difficult for me to do without music during Sefira. I generally listen to background music as I work and I tend to get very depressed without it?


It is permitted to listen to music if you require it for your well-being or therapy, and it is not for the purpose of enjoyment.

It is preferable that the music should be slow/classical.

Best wishes.


We find in a number of sources that where music is not for the purpose of joy and dancing, it is permitted to listen to it during the sefirah.

Thus, it is permitted to play music for the purpose of calming a young child, or for calming and soothing the sick (Shut Devar Shalom, Vol. 4, no. 80; Nitei GavrielPesach Vol. 3, Chap. 53, no. 5, 7).

It is likewise permitted to listen to music while driving, if the purpose of the music is to keep the driver alert to his environment (one should preferably play slow (classical or other) music, and not dance music).

The same will apply to the case presented in the question.

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