I found a bag in a movie theater one day, i had no idea who’s it was so i was curious and looked inside and saw that there was no identification(No Wallet) then two women came and asked me to give me their bag, the first woman said it was her bag and then the second said it was her bag, i couldn’t tell who’s it is. What should i do?


You should not get involved at all. Leave the bag, and whoever takes it is not your responsibility.

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Once a person picks up property it is possible that he becomes obligated in the mitzvah of returning lost property.

This can mean that it will not be permitted to leave the bag, because the obligation remains to return it to its true owner.

However, this formal obligation applies only to something belonging to a Jew, and in a place where most people are not Jewish the principle will not apply. If you will clearly be unable to return the bag to its owner, you should therefore simply leave it and hope that it finds its way back to its owner.

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