Does waffles have a din of pas habah b’ksnin? If one is koveah seudah on it, for example if one eats it for breakfast instead of bread does one have to wash and bentsch? Also, is one required to toivel an electric waffle maker?


Waffles generally don’t have a halachah of pas habah b’kisnin.

Although thicker than regular pancakes, they in no was resemble bread (or regular baked products), and therefore most poskim write that their berachah remains mezonos, even if one eats them as a full se’udah.

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See Yaskil Avdi 8, p. 184; Rivevos Ephraim 6:80:5; Penei Hashulchan pp. 45-46; Pischei Halacha 8:33; Vezos Ha-Beracha p. 22, note 22 (citing from Rav Sheinberg zt”l; Shaarei Ha-Beracha p. 345.

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