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Yoga in Halachah

How is Yoga viewed according to Halacha?


Many observant people are part of a Yoga group, and it is see that it is generally fine to use Yoga as a tool for general wellbeing.

It is true that there is an ideology and deep theoretical structure behind Yoga exercises, and some of them draw from ancient Hindu ideas that might be related to idolatry. However, to my knowledge in a Yoga class setting these ideas are translated into everyday (Eastern) terms such as feeling an energy in you, and one isn’t exposed to actual avodah zarah.

Still, I confess that I am not expert in Yoga, and it might be wise to consult with somebody expert.

Best wishes.

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  1. If the instructor says the names of the exercises in Sanskrit (an Indian language) would that be an issue?

  2. Even though the names/poses may have originally referred to “gods”?

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