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Company Hired for Collection

The Vad of the building that I live in uses a 3rd party management company to run the building. This management company works according to secular law, and levies fines and interest etc. not according to halacha. The vad are claiming the actions of the company they hired has nothing to do with them, and anything that is not halacha that the management company does does not reflect on them. Are they right?

Does the Vad who hired a company that does things not in according to halacha have a share in this act? All of them individually? As partners? Not at all?



If the company operates against the halachah, it follows that it is wrong to hire the company.

However, in monetary matters many of the halachic questions depend on the custom, and this is especially true of arrangements such as the vaad bayit, where people move into the building under the assumption that they will be obligated to the customs of the building (they have to pay the set amount, and so on).

Fines are also not necessarily against the halachah, so that it must first be established that there is a violation of the halachah. However, if there is a violation, the vaad will be in the wrong for hiring them, though there are not considered partners in the actual violations.

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