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Fish Ingredients for Meat Sauce

I am in a quandary with two nationally if not world acclaimed kashrus organizations. With one I asked several years ago and the other a few weeks ago.

A product primarily used as a sauce for meat has the kashrus symbol with “FISH” underneath it. Another product labeled as a “Chicken Breading” with the kashrus symbol with “DAIRY” underneath it.

What about “Lifne iver lo sitein micshal”? Am I wrong to make a mecho about this. I hope that the Torah Observant [Frum] Yid will know not to put the sauce on meat and the breading on any chicken\. But what about the non-Orthodox families who maintain a kosher home and rely on the Kashrus organizations on what can be used.

I asked the organization to post on their website what the “FISH” means. They replied that it was not their responsibility to educate the public.

The organization giving the hechsher on the breading gave me nothing but lame excuses. I asked who was in charge and was told a Beis Din. I was persistent and asked that my question be presented to their Beis Din for direction.

What are your thoughts?


Each Kashrus organization has its standards and its practices. The cases you point out might be one-off cases, or might be oversights on the part of the organization – it is of course impossible for me to tell.

I would advise writing a letter to the organization, and asking for a clarification of the matter.

You are right that having a meat sauce made of fish ingredients is problematic, and it is worth pointing out the matter to the mashgiach kashrus of the organization in question.

Best wishes.

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