Dear Rabbi
Is there an issur in paying late rent of an apartment or store.


Yes, rent must be paid on time.

Paying late, which of course is a breach of contract, is considered a form of gezel (because money on time is worth money), and there is a concrete obligation to pay on time (see Machaneh Efraim 40; Avnei Milu’im 114:1; see also Imrei Binah, Gevias Chov 2, who writes that this is gezel for a different reason).

There is also a possible problem of bal talin (see comments below).

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2 Responses to “Late Payment as Gezel”

  1. Dear Rabbi
    I would like to thank you for your answer. Can you please tell me if falls under the lav of Lo Tolin.

    • According to most authorities Bal Talin applies specifically to workers and to movables, but the Gra (339:1) writes that it applies even to the rent of property, and it is also possible that a building is not considered land (see Ahavas Chesed 9:5), so that it is definitely something that one should be stringent for.

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