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Maaser to Non-Jews

Is giving tzedakah to a poor goy a fullfillment of ones obligation of Ma’aser kesafim?

Also money received from insurance companies such as health insurance for operations or home owners insurance for storm damages, are those funds obligated to be ma’asered?


Although it is permitted and positive to give charity to non-Jews, the enactment of maaser money refers specifically to Jewish poor (the principle enactment is for the purpose of Torah scholars, and this is extended to other poor Jews, but it is hard to extend it to non-Jews).

The charity given to a non-Jew, though demanding “equal treatment,” is in a category of Darchei Shalom (Gittin 61, though in one place the Rambam understands this as meaning that we should be benevolent to all), and therefore essentially different from charity to Jews.

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