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Late Payments and Failure to Pay Pension

Relating to the relationship with my employer in Dinei
1/ in 14 months in my current job I have never been paid my
monthly wages on time with delays ranging from a few days to
nearly two months delay
2/ a pension fund as part of the monthly pay package – where
the employer pays in a fixed percentage of the salary, and
that is a legal requirement in Israel after 6 month’s
employment has till not been set up. My employer keeps on
blaming his CPA, but when I tried to discuss it with the CPA
he informed me that my employer has asked of him NOT to
discuss it with me.
3/ my employer discussed with me some ideas he had, to alter
the scope of my responsabilities within the company – I told
him that a/ I did not think it was fitting to discuss a new
direction regarding my responsabilities with the company
within the 9 days (in Av) and b/ that I was not sure that his
ideas were within the realm of my professional capabilities. I
have since been informed by both existing clients and by
business contacts of the company that my position has been
advertised even though it had been agreed to discuss the
matter after Tisha be’Av.#
My employer gives the impression of being “an Ehliche Yid” – a
close confident and disciple of a well respected Admor but I
really feel very hard done by and Halachically not treated
correctly. Help – what can I do with the realms of Holocho?
Thank you



I am sorry to hear about the predicament.

There is little that you can do other than to claim your pension rights from your boss, and if this doesn’t work out to inform him that you’ll be taking him to Beis Din over the issue – though different batei din might adopt different approaches to the issue.

As for the late payments and for the unscrupulous method of advertising your position, there is unfortunately nothing you can do about it. Not every unscrupulous behavior is protected in halachah, and although it is of course forbidden to pay late, there is no monetary claim you can make.

Best wishes and good luck.


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