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Selling Insurance to Group


I work in a travel insurance business. Is it questionable whether or not I am allowed to make money by selling travel insurance policies to members of a Church in the U.S. for their church trip to Israel. Does it depend on what denomination of Cristianity they belong to? Is this considered that I am benefiting from Avodah Zarah?

Thank you, Chodesh Tov


There’s no problem with selling insurance policies to members of the Church, irrespective of the denomination.

As we find in the Gemara in Avodah Zarah, there is no problem of doing business with idolaters, with the exception of particular times and events. If you would be selling something that is used as a ritual service, things might be difference, but insurance doesn’t fit this bill.

Although there is much debate over how different denominations of Christianity are considered, for the matter of insurance sales there is no need to get into this, and there’s no problem with making the sale.

Best wishes.

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