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Evicting Tenant

Asking for a friend…He’s been a tenant (not jewish) for 7 years and pays his rent in time. Watches the house when the landlord (Orthodox) is away for holidays, makes repairs at no cost to the landlord, mows the lawn and cleans the property just out of courtesy.

The landlord came last week and says he needs to vacate the premises by the end of the month because he needs to move a family member into the apartment shortly. The tenant has no savings for the month’s rent and security for another apartment and needs time to pack and find a place. He needs more time. The landlord wants him out immediately. What is the proper thing to do on the landlord’s part.


Where there is no contract, the obligation on the part of the landlord is to give the tenant the period of time that is accepted on the rental market.

The Mishnah and Gemara mention different periods (for the winter and for the summer), but the halachah depends on the custom of the place. This is often recorded in the law of the land, and where there is a law it will generally reflect the common custom (because people are law abiding).

Beyond the letter of the law, after a good relationship of seven years, it would appear correct to allow the tenant some time to get his act together, but this will depend on the circumstances of the landlord and the urgency of his needs.

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