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Berachah for Pineapple

What is the bracha for pineapple ?


Like bananas, the berachah for pineapple is Borei Peri Ha-Adamah.

The banana plant is not considered a tree, because it has no real trunk. The central stem is simply a mass of leaves from which the bananas grow, but dies after supplying its crop. Since no more than the root system survives, it is halachically equivalent to the strawberry and therefore requires the of ha’adama.

Pineapples grow in a similar way, and therefore their berachah is likewise Borei Peri Ha-Adamah.

For sources, see Berachos 40a, Rosh (siman 23), Shulchan Aruch, Orach Chaim 203:2; Chazon Ish, Orach Chaim 12:3.

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