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Gratis Copy of Publication

I have been working for a publication for the past number of years years. When I was initially hired, I was told that one of the “perks” of my job was getting a free subscription to the publication. Since then, I received several promotions and my job changed, but I continued to receive the subscription. I recently left my main job there, continuing only a very small freelance side job there. Do I need to ask them if I am still allowed to receive the publication, or can I just continue to receive it, assuming they don’t care?


Provided you still have some position there, you can assume that they don’t mind continuing to send the publication.

They know that they are sending the free publication to their workers, and it is up to them to update the lists whenever they see right to do so. Therefore, unless there is a clear mistake, you can assume that the sending remains part of the policy, and there is no need to take further action.

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