Why is it that most people do not stand for the berachos before Kriyas Hatorah? Even if people do not stand for kriyas hatorah, don’t they need to stand for the berachos?

Thank You, and Gmar Chasima Tovah.


There is no need to stand for the berachos before Keriyas Ha-Torah.

Although the Magen Avraham writes that one must stand for the berachos (146:6), this is a minority opinion, and other poskim (including the Mishnah Berurah 18 and Shaar Ha-Ziun 20) is lenient, ruling that one should nonetheless stand for Barchu (as the Taz rules).

The Chayei Adam writes that it is “proper” to stand for Barchu, indicating that even this is not a full obligation. However, for the berachos one certainly doesn’t have to stand.

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One Response to “Standing for Berachos of Torah Reading”

  1. When the Oleh says Barchu by his Aliyah, and the congregation responds with Baruch Hashem HaMevorach L’olam Va’ed, everyone in the Shul should stand. However, during the Oleh’s Brachah of Asher Bachar Banu, during the Laining of the Torah, and during the last Brachah, there is no obligation for the
    congregation to stand. Those that are scrupulous and very precise in performing Hashem’s Mitzvos should be strict on themselves and stand at these times, and indeed it is a correct thing to do.

    (Kitzur Shulchan Aruch 23:6)

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