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Modesty in Ballet Class

I would like to know if a woman may take dancing classes (ballet) with non-Jewish man in the same class? Does she need to be dressed with tznius?
Thanks for the attention!


Strictly speaking, it is permitted to take dancing classes in front of a non-Jewish man, and no special dress code is required.

The problem of doing so in front of Jewish men is that the man might come to improper thoughts etc. and this is not a concern with regard to non-Jews (see Rivevos Efraim Vol. 5, no. 491).

However, in terms of one’s character traits it remains proper to dress modestly (as far as possible), and to avoid the male-female interaction that can lead to a certain lowering in standard of tznius.

Best wishes.

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  1. this sounds strange a woman can be dressed immodest in front of non jewish men?

    1. Yes – just as a woman can go swimming even with a male (non-Jewish) guard – though of course one must use one’s better judgment and dress “modestly” (not in the halachic sense, but in a universal sense) according to the circumstances.

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