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Gid Showing Through Battim

I have recently ordered new tefillin from a sofer recommended to me in Jerusalem. I am concerned with the stitching on the batim. Whilst it is perfectly square,the gid is showing in the natural color on the upper surface of the batim on both shel rosh and shel yad.

Does this render the tefillin posul and invalidate saying the brochos?


There is no obligation that the gid should be black.

It is perfectly fine that the gid should be seen, in its natural color, on the surface of the battim.

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fine that the gid should show with its natural color on the surface of the battim.

Best wishes.

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  1. Kvod haRav, Is there a minimum required lenght that the gid must protrude from the bayit of the shel rosh? The gid sticking up from the shel rosh of the tefilin that I recently purchased is present but does not protrude only very minimally. Is this a halachic problem or issue of hidur?

    Thank you, Baruch

    1. No, there is no shiur for this. The matter is a custom and not an obligation.
      Best wishes.

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