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Maaser from Inheritance

If I receive money from an inheritance that has definitely been maasered. Do I have to give maser from that money again. I am in a very bad financial situation and giving this money would be a hardship for me but I want to do the right thing.


The fact that maaser has already been taken from the money does not change its status concerning your obligation to take maaser.

However, if you are in a position of financial hardship, the obligation of maaser won’t apply – though some write that it remains a virtue to give maaser even under difficult circumstances.

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Please see here, in the section addressing the obligation of a poor person to give maaser, for further details.

The fact that somebody has already taken maaser from particular moneys does not have any ramifications for somebody who receives the money as an inheritance, because maaser is a person obligation and doesn’t apply to the money (but to the person).

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