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Crockpot on Shabbos

Many of the newer crockpots now have a mode that turns it to “warm” after it has been on “high” or “low” for a specific amount of time (4,8,10 hours etc). Is one allowed to have such a crockpot and eat the food cooked in it, on shabbos, after it has changed to “warm” from “high/low”? i.e. it is not going from cold to hot, it is going from hot to warm and staying on warm. Thank you, Moshe.


There does not appear to be any problem with using such a crockpot on Shabbos. The fact that the setting changes automatically does not affect the halachic status of the crockpot, and it seems to be fine for Shabbos use.

For the general issue of using a crockpot, please see here; in practice, many are lenient for using it on Shabbos.

Best wishes.

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