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Funding for College Withheld

Went to a Jewish college for 3 years, earned a BA got government funding. College refuses to give me my degree and transcripts because they claim that the government took back funding because I already had A first talmudical degree from a Yeshiva. However I continuously asked the college if my funding is in order and they said everything is ok. Now after three years they will not release my transcripts and BA. What is the halacha and do I have a chance to win in bais din?


If you declared that you already had a degree and received funding, you have a case to claim that it would be up to them to know the rules.

If you did not declare this, it is hard to see how you could win the case, because at the end of the day the College didn’t receive funding for you, and they therefore have a right to withhold your degree.

However, this will depend on the fine print of the documents you probably signed upon entry into the College, and it is therefore hard to give a full assessment.

Perhaps the best solution will be to try to reach some compromise whereby you’ll pay some of the amount, and they’ll pay the rest.

Best wishes.

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