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Uncovered Hair at Home

If a married women wants to wear her hair uncovered in the house for comfort, etc. Can a husband not concern himself for shalom bayis reasons, or should he insist that she keep her hair covered in doors as well. What’s the chiyuv of a women keeping her hair covered in doors?


There is no obligation to keep hair covered at home (Beis Yosef, Even Ha-Ezer 115, based on Tosafos, Ran, and others).

This is a worthy custom (see Yoma 47a; authorities who cite sources in Kaballah are somewhat more particular about the practice), but not an obligation, and there are many righteous women who do not cover their hair at home.

Therefore, if there is an issue of Shalom Bayis, a husband should certainly not insist on this, and he should allow his wife to act how she wishes.

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