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Using Apple Corer / Slicer on Shabbos

I understand that some poskim forbid using an apple corer on Shabbos, the sort that only removes the core. However I have a corer that slices the apple into eight pieces as well as removing the core at the same time, is this permitted to use on Shabbos or is it borer, and is there a consideration that it is tochain, being done with a specialized tool?
If necessary I can send you a picture of this tool.


It is permitted to use the tool you mention.

Although some prohibited using an apple corer, the reason for this is not strictly on account of borer, because there is always some apple that is removed together with the core, and this can be (and often is) eaten, so that there is no actual problem of borer.

Nonetheless, some prohibit the use of a purpose made tool for separating. In the case of the utensil you describe, the purpose is not to separate but to slice, as well as separating the core. It will therefore be permitted to use the tool.

There is no concern for tochen, because the apple is not being ground or chopped into fine pieces, but only sliced.

Best wishes.

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  1. I asked Rav Falk of Gateshead about this, he maintains that this tool is still a purpose made tool for separating, it removes the amount of core that is unwanted, the fact it does another job at the same time i.e. slicing does not take away from the fact the core has been removed with a specific tool.
    What are your sources for your opinion.
    Apologies for asking, after your answer, I had previously sent a letter to Rav Falk and wanted his opinion as he is generally strict with regular apple corers. Also להגדיל תורה ואדיר

    1. The rationale for permitting the practice is that there is some apple that is separated with the core. Provided that this is the case, and that it is normal to eat the apple part that was separated together with the core, there is no actual act of borer here. It is like cutting away the fat from a piece of meat – if meat is cut with the fat, this is not borer.
      Under this assumption, the problem with using the utensil will only be uvdin de-chol, and if it is used to slice, too, one can be lenient for this matter.
      Perhaps Rav Falk understood that there is a full act of borer here (that the separated part is discarded and it is not normal to eat the apple from it), and then using the utensil will involve a Torah prohibition.

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