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Re-Potted Plant for Orlah

I grew my plant from a seed of a Esrog after Sukkos around 3 (?) years ago. I have re-potted the plant a few times (twice?) over the years. What i am wondering is what are the laws regarding the Esrog tree in America/Chutz laeretz? I at first thought their were some laws required even in America like waiting a set amount of years. But is their? Also if there is a waiting period of gaining benefit from a fruit tree even outside of Israel does re-potting the tree restart the count or is that only when replanting in to the ground? Do you happen to know the different major opposing viewpoints? I like to know the full picture of things. When I am unsure of a halachic issue I like to research it but this one feels like the things I am reading are purposely leaving out alot of the other side of the picture. (On a side note i one time asked a Rabbi awhile ago and he was like huh??? Orlah outside Israel?)


A rabbinic prohibition of orlah applies even outside the Land of Israel (though safek orlah is permitted), and one must therefore until the orlah years are up.

Re-potting the plant, meaning that the plant is transferred, earth and all, to another pot, does not affect the count of years.


For transferring trees and the orlah count, see Yoreh De’ah 294; the time for which the plant must be able to survive in the clod of earth is a subject of dispute, and it may be up to 14 days. For outside of Israel, however, there is no need to be this stringent, and the ability to survive for a short time is sufficient. See Rashba 3:235; Pischei Teshuva, 294; Ne’os Desheh 32; Mishpat Kohen 8; see a discussion of the issue in Kol Torah, 5693; Tzitz Eliezer 1:19; Chazon Ish 2:10-12.

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