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Celebrating Birthday in Non-Kosher Restaurant

My family did not grow up Jewish but my Mother began walking Halachic and husband and I have returned to our heritage and follow Torah as best we understand since there is no synagogue except for one that calls itself “non-denominational” B’nai Y’srael near us in the town where my husband works. Your site has been very helpful. My question is, my Dad who is not Jewish is celebrating his 80 birthday by going out to eat. We are supposed to celebrate with him and family who are not walking Halachic and we need to know if we are permitted to go with them and eat in this restaurant, Applebee’s, I believe?


Out of respect for your father, it is proper to accompany him. Rather than eating in the restaurant, however, just order a drink that you can be sure there is no kashrut concern over.

Although there are stringent opinions concerning sitting in a non-kosher restaurant (see here; I assume the restaurant in question is not kosher), in this case, out of the obligation of respect for a parent, you should join him in his celebration.

I sincerely applaud you in following the ways of halachah, and wish you much success for the future.

Best wishes.

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