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Inspection of Property on Shabbos

Someone recently purchased a property to rent out. They have asked a non-Jewish company to manage the property. Can the management company open the property on Shabbos for inspection by possible tenants? Also, is there a problem to receive rent for Shabbos?

Thanking you in advance,

Y Meyer


Yes, this is fine.

No melachah is involved in opening the property for potential tenants to see it, and this won’t involve the prohibition of sechar Shabbos. Because it is normal for a company to manage a property, there isn’t any mar’is ayin involved either.

It is permitted to receive rent for Shabbos provided that the rent is paid together with other days, on a weekly or monthly basis.

Best wishes.

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  1. Many times, after showing the property, the manager will draw up a rental contract with the new tenant. Can this be done on Shabbos?

    What about emergency repairs to the property on Shabbos, the type of which can suffer no delay, which the management company does on behalf of the Jewish owners?

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