Is crouton in a soup Pas requiring Hamotzi or Mezonot or botol completely? What bracha should one say? If I make the crouton myself from dried bread is it ever Botol? Thank you.


Many (or even all) of the Berachos books write that two berachos should be made when eating soup with croutons or soup nuts – one on the soup and another on the croutons (see Birkas Hashem p. 206; Ha-Berachah Ve-Hilchoseha p. 193; Shaarei Ha-Berachah p. 399; Shalmei Nissan p. 73; and others).

The reason for this is that both are “important,” and that the croutons are not “mixed” with the soup in the classic manner whereby the halachah is that only mezonos is recited. In addition, there is always soup left over after all the croutons have finished.

The berachah on the soup (usually shehakol, and sometimes ha-adamah, depending of course on the type of soup) should be made first, out of concern that the mezonos will exempt the berachah on the soup.

Bought croutons are mezonos, and do not have Toras Pas. If pieces of bread are used they are hamotzi, and are not batel.

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