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Kashering Pan after Non-Jewish Use (Bishul Akum)

A Nochri relative made an omelet when we were not present in our kitchen. We do not have a pilot light in our oven. My understanding is that the keilim affected need kashering. However, the frying pan is non-stick Circulon. Since Bishul Akum is Midrabbanan, is it possible to kasher the Circulon pan?
There is also a wooden spatula involved but that is not much of a value. Thank you for your response.


Under the circumstances, one can be lenient to kasher the pan by means of hag’alah.

Best wishes.


The question of beliyos of bishul akum involves a dispute among authorities. Although some Rishonim were lenient concerning beliyos (as cited by the Beis Yosef, Yoreh De’ah 113:16), the prevailing ruling is to be stringent (the Rashba), which the Shulchan Aruch cites first (before mentioning the Rosh, who is lenient).However, where there are other mitigating factors, one can be lenient in the matter.

In the case of the question, the cooking was done at home. Some Rishonim write (see Tosafos, Avodah Zarah 38a, citing from the Raavad) that the prohibition of bishul akum does not apply to food cooked in a Jewish home.

Although the Shulchan Aruch (113:1) rules stringently, the Rema (113:4) rules that the prohibition does not apply to a maidservant who cooks something in a Jewish home. The rationale behind this involves a dispute among authorities (either because it is likely that the Jewish homeowner participated in the cooking, or because the decree was not made concerning a worker), there are at least some opinions that will permit the case of a non-Jewish family member cooking at home.

Added to this the question of whether hag’alah helps for coated pans, and there are certainly enough factors to permit the pan.

Therefore, hag’alah should be performed, and the pan is thus permitted for future use.


(יו”ד סימן קיג, ס”א) פוסק לחומרא, דהיינו שגם אוכל שהתבשל בבית יהודי אסור באיסור בישול עכו”ם. אולם, בדברי הרמ”א (שם, ס”ד)

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