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Questions on Christianity

To anyway rabbis

I need to ask these questions.

1) Does the Talmud mention Jesus or talks about Jesus at all?

2)Do Jews believe or view Jesus birth was miraculous?

3)What country will the messiah appear from?

4)How Jews going to recognize the messiah?

5)What is the messiah supposed to do when he comes?

6)How do Jews spot who is a true prophet and a false prophet?

What I mean, does the Talmud briefly mentions a guy call Jesus, the same guy in Christianity and Islam.

Please reply whenever you can.

Yours sincerely



1. Possibly. This depends on different interpretations of various passages of the Talmud. There are a couple of passages that were censored from the Gemara that speak about Jesus, without mentioning him by name. Altogether there is very little material about him.

2. No.

3. Unknown. But he will appear in Jerusalem.

4. They will know. There are a number of signs, such as bringing the Jews and the world closer to G-d, fighting evil, and sanctifying the Name of G-d.

5. As above.

6. A true prophet is somebody whose predictions come true on a 100% level. See Maimonides, Foundations of the Torah, Chap. 10.

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