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Divorced to be Married Again

I am writing on behalf of my friend who is baal tshuva…Her husband convinced her to get divorced (on a paper) in order to receive some economic benefits from the goverment (Israel). She agreed to the pressure with the condition that they will get married right away through beit din hareidi
However they were surprised to learn that they should wait for 3 months in order to go under the huppa again. The question: the get that my friend has received considered to be “real” even though both of the partners cheated the Rabbanim in order to receive the paper? Should they go for huppa in 3 months?


This is a bizarre story, and it is a terrible shame that people do such things.

A get (divorce document) must be written by qualified dayanim alone, and when written by others it is almost bound to be invalid. In addition, gittin should never be done privately, but only in the rabbinate.

If a husband divorces his wife and wishes to remarry her, there is no need to wait three months. This will apparently apply here.

Best wishes.

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