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Potential Hezek Re’iya

My house is adjacent to a house where they are doing changes. The area between the 2 houses was never used and therefore no one ever need to pass through. The neighbor is building an apartment on that side of the house. The door for the apartment will be opposite my house. The door will be in the basement and will be below my kitchen window. You can see in but it will not be directly opposite. Do I have a right to complain as far as Hezek Reiyah is concerned.

Also, they will be building a door to their kitchen which is opposite my kitchen. and there will be an entrance opposite my kitchen. Please let me know if That is a Halachic issue, They are currently doing the construction so a quick answer would be appreciated.


On the face of it the seem to be grounds for a complaint (if the neighbors will be able to seen into your kitchen, from an area that was previously not used), though a Beis Din will have to actually visit the area to decide the matter.

In general, it is a shame that your permission was not asked. You can mention to the neighbor in question that the construction disturbs you and that there appears to be an issue of hezek re’iya, and try to come to a compromise solution if they are willing.

Good luck and best wishes.

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