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Saw Veset in Dream

An isha had a dream that she got her veset, when she woke up in the morning she indeed had gotten her vest. This happened another time exactly on the day that she had the dream she got her veset. If it would happen again would she need to be choshesh for it like a normal vest haguf?


A person often dreams about something he is experiencing (for instance, somebody listening to the radio might dream about what he’s hearing). This is apparently why the woman in question dreamed about her veset on the night she received it.

This is not related to the concept of veset ha-guf, which is not a matter of perceiving a veset, but rather a physical sign of an impending veset. In the case of the dream the indication is that a veset was actually experienced. If this is not the case – a woman had the dream but she woke up without any veset beginning – there is no need for concern.

I should note that I have not seen anybody actually mention the question.

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