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Child Marriage in Ancient Times

In 1st century+, I have been taught that young women (with parent’s permission) would get married during their teenage years ..even as young as Age 13 & would get pregnant at such an early age. In my opinion .. it still was rape -to young girls who were not physically mature (mentally, emotionally)! What kind of message does that send to .. todays teens who read about those horrible life-changing decisions & try to conceive the responsibility of teens of yesteryears? And to make matters worse .. for a grown man to humble a teen girl like that is despicable!


This is not a rabbinic or religious issue, but rather a matter of cultural change.

Many things that were acceptable as legitimate in the past, including child marriage, slavery, child labor, and much besides, are seen by modern society as being immoral and wrong.

That doesn’t mean that those who possessed slaves in the past, when this was considered entirely acceptable, were “wrong.” Individuals — certainly the vast majority of them – are judged by the way in which they navigate the social norms of their generation (e.g. how they behaved towards their slaves). We cannot expect them to entirely change them.

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