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Mezonos on Wheat after Rice

If I make a mezonos on a rice cereal (like rice crispies), and after finishing it I want a wheat cereal (like cheerios) should I make a new mezonos on the cheerios since perhaps the mezonos on rice cereal was not a ‘regular one’. And if not, when I’m finished, will I make 2 berachos acharonos (borei nefashos and al hamichya)or will just an al hamichya suffice? Thank You.


After making mezonos on rice, somebody who eats a wheat food must make another mezonos.

The reason for this is that the wheat mezonos is classified as more “important” than rice, and therefore unless there was explicit intention, it is not included in the mezonos on rice.

This will apply even if a person has “sat down to eat breakfast” so that his “stam da’as” will exempt other foods of the same berachah and same level of importance.

After finishing one should say both borei nefashos (for the rice) and al hamichya (for the wheat). Some advise saying borei nefashos first, out of concern that al hamichya will apply even to the rice.

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See Shulchan Aruch 206:5; Mishnah Berurah 212:2.

Concerning the importance of wheat products see Shulchan Aruch 211:5; concerning rice see Even Ha-Ozer 211:6, who debates whether mezonos on rice comes before borei peri ha-gafen and before the seven species or not. It is clear, in any case, that rice does not have the “importance” of wheat products.

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  1. Should I make a borei nefashos on the rice even if I first had the wheat and therefore only mede one mezonos?

    1. Yes, these are different foods and require two berachos even if one mezonos was made for both.

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