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Paying Old Debt

Many years ago i once took a loaf of bread from a makolet before it opened as the bread was outside. I cant remember if I ever went back to pay as I lived at the time out of the country. i think on one of my trips i did go back to pay but I cant be for sure. also I don’t know if it was the same owners after so many years. what can i do to make up for this and do teshuvah. And what about any other times I may have borrowed something and didn’t return it etc. i want to make things right. anyway to do teshuva? i am very concerned. I am trying to be much more careful now, obviously.

Thank you.


If you can, I would certainly pay the price of the loaf – if you remember you took it, and don’t remember paying back, there is a “chazakah” that you owe the money, and it should be paid back – assuming that the owner hasn’t changed.

Concerning the question of un-returned borrowed money, please see here.

Best wishes.

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