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Question of Doctor as Mohel

Shalom Rabbi

My daughter is having a baby boy soon however her husband wanted a doctor to do the circumcision

My daughter is using a doctor/Mohel who is doing the circumcision. However the problem is he is a conservative Jew and does an orthodox circumcision. I see this is not normal since if he is not shomer Shabbat according to halahca would the circumcision not be valid and what problems does this present

Thank youת Eliyahuץ


There is no formal halachic problem with having a non-observant Jew performing a circumcision.

However, it remains advisable to find an observant mohel who is also a doctor; as the person who is bringing the infant into the bris between Hashem and the Jewish people, the identity of the mohel is not without significant. Yet, if this will cause tension there is no need to press the point.

Best wishes.

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