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Adult Circumcision

You mentioned that you had already answered my question regarding our son being 33 and not circumcised because we were not raised in a Jewish home because no one knew they were Jewish. Also my husband was circumcised on the day of birth. With all do respect Rabbi, I have not received an answer to this dilemma. Maybe the answer was for someone else but I would appreciate and look forward to the answers to the following questions. Can our son have a bris milah at his age and does my husband need to have some kind of circumcision at age 66 to make it halachic? Who does this bris procedure and how does this affect their participation in the Pesach? We do not know of any Mohel’s who are physicians in our area. Thank you so much.


Sorry about this. I do recall answering the question, and perhaps you didn’t receive it.

There is certainly an obligation to perform the circumcision, even as an adult, but this is the choice of your son. You just have to find a qualified mohel who will do it for him.

Your husband should encourage him to do this, and there’s no need to do anything beyond.

It does not effect participation in today’s Pesach (it is only relevant for the Korban Pesach).

Best wishes.

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