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Removing Cotton Balls from Garments

Is it consider Borer on shabbat to remove cotton balls of hair often found on your clothes ? For example on your suit ? With your hand , not with a brush obviously.
Thank you.


No, this is not considered borer.

Best wishes.


The first and most basic condition for the prohibition of borer to apply is that there should be a mixture (taaroves).

In the case of thread balls attached to clothing, this is not a “mixture” — nobody would say that the cotton balls are “mixed up” with the garment.

Rather, the cotton threads are more comparable to feathers or dandruff that lies on top of a garment. It is permitted to remove dandruff by gentle patting, and this involves neither borer nor libbun (because no dirt has penetrated the garment). This will also apply to the cotton balls.

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